Stratford, London

About us


The Refreshment Room is a retro inspired bar in the heart of Stratford City. We represent a chill environment with interesting decor including a wall of vinyls, Banksy inspired walls, layered retro movie posters and a “Drinkers’ Paradise” display. We are proud to boast of our spacious garden, it includes furniture of the wooden kind, and sports exotic plants to help you relax. We also have heaters for the weak-hearted on the coldest nights. Our bar is an excellent spot to chillax and socialise. Our venue is also good for setting up corporate and private meetings. Our selection of food changes through the ebb and flow of our pop up kitchens. The bar’s residential kitchen space evolves in time, leading to a changing menu.

What’s On


Join us for events from Paint Parties to a variety of Music Nights, we’ve got something to keep you entertained all week round.


Food & Drink


We offer a wide variety of beverages. Our beer selection ranged from the standard bar affair to craft beer. We also have ales, ipa’s and exotic curious such as blonde and cherry beer. We have an eclectic variety of spirits to offer as well; from craft rum to a large selection of gin, vodka and whiskey. Wine, cocktails and shots are also part of our repertoire. Our signature cocktails are served in Mason glass jars, called “Jam Jars” respectively. The cocktail menu is dynamic, evolving within the change of the seasons.

Let’s Have a Chat

Whether you want to book an area, promote your own event or just have a chat, drop us a line – we are happy to help!


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