Refreshment Rooms Stratford 1 (2)

Whether its a Christmas party, networking event or summer party, The refreshment room will be the ideal space for you.

Set just off the bussling Broadway in Stratford, East London it’s quirky style is best described as a welcoming blend of all things british and caribbean.

The intimate surroundings of the refreshment rooms are provided  alongside AV systems, dance floor, DJ Booth & a rum shack styled bar offering a range of rums along with an extensive & constantly evolving range of cocktails.


Refreshment Room Stratford 3 (1)

Due to the versatility of the refreshment room, it makes a great space to showcase your brand in different and exciting ways.

The indoor space can be stripped to a blank canvas or you can make use of the cool decor the bar already displays. There is an outdoor space in the form of a rear urban garden which boasts a bar and food kiosk complete with kitchen, BBQ equipment and booths around the perimeter of the urban garden space which can be used to help deliver more enhanced experiences.



food-caribbean (1)

We provide a range of exciting caribbean inspired food selections for both onsite and offsite events. From Jerk chicken barbecues served on a bed of marsh and assorted vegetables to more street food style burger selections and a slew of vegan options, we can cater for large and small events.